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Do you suffer from active injuries and want to know what active rehab is? Active rehabilitation is a process of restoring the ability of an active person to resume normal activities. This blog article will give you some insight on active rehab for injuries, so that you can decide if it would be helpful in your situation.

ICBC Active Rehab

Were you injured in a car accident? We have a specific program for you called our ICBC Active Rehab program. Our ICBC active rehab specialists make sure you get back to moving again.

ICBC Active Rehab is Used to Help Active People Resume Normal Activities

If you are active person who has suffered an injury and would like to know more about active rehab, keep reading! Active rehab for injuries can be a very effective treatment method if it is done correctly. This blog article will tell you all about the active rehab process and how it can help active people like you.

When active rehab is performed correctly, it can be very helpful in the active person’s recovery process because it encourages and maintains movement throughout the treatment period. This means that active rehab for injuries would not only treat your injury but could also prevent further complications from occurring because of lack of activity during treatment! The active rehab process can be divided into three different phases: active rest, active rehab and active training.

Active rest is the first phase of active rehab for injuries and it involves resting your injured body part as much as possible while participating in other activities such as swimming or light biking. This will allow your muscles to maintain strength even though they are not bearing weight like before.

After active rest, active rehab is the next phase in active rehab for injuries and this phase involves performing exercises to improve joint range of motion, strength and coordination. This often includes stretching which increases flexibility and strengthens your muscles. The goal during active rehab is that you will be able to achieve activities such as walking or running without feeling pain or discomfort.

The final active training phase is where active rehab for injuries would get you back to your normal routine and active activities such as sports! During this phase, the goal of active rehab is that you should be able to perform at your best level with little or no discomfort when moving around.

If an active person like yourself has suffered from a sports injury and active rehab is recommended, you should know more about active rehab for injuries. The active rehab process can help your recovery time significantly because it encourages movement throughout the treatment period which could prevent future complications from arising due to lack of activity during your recovery.

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