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What Does Kinesiology do?

Kinesiologist and kinesiotherapy are two different terms. Kinesiotherapy is the treatment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems through movement. A kinesiologist is a person who practices kinesiotherapy. This blog post will be discussing why you should use a kinesiologist in Vancouver!

First, kinesiology helps with self-awareness.

Kinesiologists are able to help their patients become more aware of how they use their body and what that means for them. They can teach you things like breathing techniques, proper posture and movement patterns! This is an important first step towards achieving your goals whether it’s weight loss or performance in sports!

Second, kinesiologists help find the source of pain or injury.

Most people think if you have a headache you should take ibuprofen but this isn’t always true…most headaches stem from neck tension which could be caused by stress at work…of course taking medication may still be necessary but kinesiologists will explore other treatment options and help you find the cause of your pain!

Third, kinesiology helps with injuries and health issues.

Kinesiologists aren’t just massage therapists…they use a variety of techniques to get you feeling better faster. They may use things like kinesio tape or ice packs but they also explore different movement patterns that could be causing stress on the body such as proper posture while sitting at a desk or even how we walk!

Fourth kinesiology is holistic!

Kinesiologists look at the whole person and not just their knee or shoulder. They will explore nutrition, exercise habits, stress levels etc…to find how they affect your overall health. If you want to be healthy kinesiology can help you get there by making small changes over time!

You should definitely try out a kinesiologist if…

  • You have injuries or chronic pain that just isn’t getting better
  • You want to improve your overall health by making small changes over time
  • You’re looking into kinesiotherapy as treatment option (kinesio tape anyone?)
  • You want to become more aware of your body and how you use it

Why a kinesiologist in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a hub for kinesiologists! You can find kinesiologists all over the lower mainland. They have many kinesiologist associations such as KINESIS which has been around since 1993, they also have an online directory called Find a kinesiologist where you can search by location or specialty. In addition, there are even some clinics that specialize in sports medicine with kinesiologist on staff who work alongside physiotherapists and doctors! These places may be able to help get athletes back on their feet faster…literally…after injuries like sprained ankles or ACL tears etc.

Need help or advise on an injury or feel you can use the help of a kinesiologist?  Contact Kin Lab and let’s help you today.

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