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What does it feel like to be injured in a car accident? It feels like nothing. You can’t move, you hurt & you’re stuck in a world that is slowly fading away. That’s the reality for many people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions — they’re left feeling powerless and alone. But there’s hope: ICBC active rehabilitation has been helping these individuals get back on their feet. With this article, we’ll discuss ICBC active rehab, what ICBC active rehabilitation offers, why ICBC active rehabilitation is so important, and more!

By being in an accident, you’ll likely have to go through some sort of healing process. There are physical injuries and there are emotional ones — the latter is just as important but often ignored or overlooked by others. If you’re not moving because your back hurts too much for example, it’s natural that people might assume something is wrong with your spine even if it isn’t. It gets worse when doctors don’t know how to treat what happened to you & keep suggesting things like stretching exercises that won’t help at all! This can lead to feelings of isolation because nobody understands what you’re going through, which then leads into depression . You end up feeling trapped in a body that doesn’t work anymore . But active rehabilitation programs make a difference.

ICBC Active Rehab Programs – Can They Help?

Injured people can feel helpless and alone, but through ICBC active rehab they have the support of kinesiologists who know how to help them get back on their feet again. For individuals with neurological conditions such as spinal cord injuries for example, kinesiology is a key element in helping you regain movement & control over your body — it’s not just physical exercises that will make you better! Your kinesiologist knows what muscles were affected by the injury and where they’re located, which is why kinesiology makes this process so much easier than most other forms of treatment or therapy. Ultimately, kinesiology helps injured people keep up strength in parts of their bodies that are still working & might not get that much attention, while also finding ways to deal with the parts of their body that are no longer responding. This is why kinesiology plays such a huge role in active rehabilitation programs — they’re just more effective than other forms of treatment!

Active Rehab Programs – Is There an Age Limit?

We understand how important it is for people to recover after suffering from injuries and we want everyone who needs ICBC active rehab, regardless of age or background, to be able to access this program if desired. We know all too well what it’s like when kinesiologists aren’t available so our goal has always been about creating options for injured people. If you think your injury occurred because someone else wasn’t driving responsibly, then we want you to know that ICBC active rehab is available and will be there for you when needed.

Active Rehab Programs – How Can I Get Started?

As always, if you’ve been injured in a car accident or any kind of incident where someone else was at fault, let us help. The first step is reaching out — call our personal injury specialists who can explain how kinesiology works & what it means for your specific condition; we’ll even set up an appointment with one of our kinesiologists so they can get to work on helping you recover again!  You should never feel like this type of situation leaves you feeling helpless — not when ICBC offers such great options!

Most car injuries are covered by ICBC. Let us know about your claim and let’s get you moving again with Kin Lab’s ICBC active rehab specialists.

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