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Our Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists, and staff members love what they do. Together, we pride ourselves in our dedication to your health and well-being. Reach out to us to get started on your performance or rehab journey!

Alyssa Raw Crop

Alyssa Juma


Alyssa received her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Alyssa gained valuable experience in injury management and rehabilitation working with elite-level athletes as an Athletic Trainer for UBC Varsity Athletics. She received multiple awards during her time at UBC both for her academic and professional successes.

Alyssa is passionate about working with individuals to create exercise-focused programs that can help them recover from injury and improve overall health and wellness. She believes in the power of education and empathy to help empower clients to foster long-term resiliency, better their movements, and become stronger as a whole. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys weight-lifting, playing soccer, hiking, and cooking!


Bernice Ko

B.Sc Kin, Dip Sports Science

Bernice received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. Over the years, she has helped many clients achieve their diverse goals from work- and sports-related injury rehabilitation, general health to sports-specific training. Recently, Bernice has expanded her practice to include a specialty in pelvic floor health and postpartum rehab, helping mothers recover and thrive after giving birth.

Through her recovery from multiple recurrent injuries as a former college basketball player, she learned the importance of building the body’s resilience to stress and demands in injury prevention. Bernice embraces a holistic approach with aims to understand your unique lifestyles and long-term needs, tailoring treatment programs to facilitate healing. She is passionate about empowering individuals to access their full potential and promote a balanced and wholesome way of living.

In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, running, hiking, and snowboarding. You will also find her exploring coffee culture, local foods, and hidden gems around the globe and spending quality time with family and friends. Bernice is fluent in Mandarin.


Cayden Orallo


Cayden graduated from UBC with a Bachelors's degree in Kinesiology. He is a well-rounded athlete and has competed in various sports growing up (baseball, basketball, and football). Cayden was on track to play college or professional baseball until he tore his ACL which caused him to change life directions. After rehabilitating his ACL, Cayden started riding motorcycles and took up his most recent passion, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Cayden has competed in BJJ at white belt level and is currently a blue belt under Roy Duquette after 2.5 years of training. When he is not facilitating healing through exercise, Cayden can be found on the mountains snowboarding, in the ocean surfing, playing guitar, hiking/camping, working out, training martial arts, or reading a book/listening to podcasts. He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and is always looking to improve his practice within Kinesiology.

Dan Dayrit

B.Kin, ACE

Dan is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and has been working in the Health and Fitness industry since 2017. During his time at UBC, Dan volunteered as a Physiotherapy Assistant and Gym Lead in various VCH locations including Banfield Pavilion, GF Strong, and ICORD. These experiences and his time as a personal trainer have allowed him to be exposed to various injuries, conditions, and fitness levels.

As his primary method of rehabilitation, Dan utilizes corrective exercise and functional movement to help his patients recover from their injuries.

Outside of work, you can find Dan either gymming, running, hiking, listening to podcasts, or coding!

David G Crop

David Grgic


David is a Kinesiologist with a passion for rehabilitation and strength training. He has been powerlifting to some degree for the last seven years, which informs the exercise programs that he designs for clients. While he loves to facilitate the realization that we are stronger than we think, he also cares deeply about formulating exercise programs that are meaningful to the individual and their goals.

David obtained a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia where he was able to explore the evidence related to his passion for movement, rehabilitation, and fitness. He is committed to evidence-informed practice that aligns with his client’s values and for this reason, he offers a person-centered, biopsychosocial approach. David has experience working with clients of varying abilities including people that want to improve their general fitness as well as people with traumatic brain injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, vestibular impairments, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Outside of the clinic, you can find David in the gym, exploring the local mountains with his girlfriend, leather-working, or tending to his latest interest: growing microgreens. He also volunteers at a local long-term care facility where he finds meaning by giving back to his community.


Dillon Tran

B.Sc Kin

Dillon graduated from Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation.

During his time at SFU, he had the opportunity to work at a long-standing physiotherapy clinic as a Kinesiologist, during which he gained valuable experience teaching corrective exercises to clients of differing backgrounds and conditions including ICBC claimants, athletes, children, seniors, and clients recovering from surgical procedures.

As a former competitive dancer, Dillon understands the need to perform at your best and how devastating it can be when injuries prevent you from doing so. Through his own experience of dealing with chronic injuries, he recognizes the importance of being proactive with rehabilitation exercise regardless of whether the goal is to return to sport, work, or improve daily living. He is passionate about active living and using his knowledge and experience to help guide people back to their physical best.

Dillon is always seeking opportunities to grow and learn. In his free time, he enjoys volleyball, golfing, weightlifting, and reading and has a weakness for good coffee.


Jerry He

B.Sc Kin

Jerry received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Prior to Kin Lab, Jerry gained valuable experience working and volunteering in different rehabilitation settings in the Burnaby and Coquitlam area. Being a university-level athlete and having worked in various clinics, Jerry understands the trials and tribulations of sustaining injuries on the field, at work, or during daily activities. He believes that with proper guidance, and exercise education and planning he can help his clients achieve their respective goals. During his past experiences, Jerry developed a specialization in motor vehicle-related accidents. He works with his clients, and any third-party members to ensure proper treatment planning to accelerate their return to work and daily activities. Outside of work, Jerry enjoys an active lifestyle. His main hobbies include weightlifting, sprint training, volleyball, and photography. He believes in the importance of creating a balanced lifestyle to ensure physical and mental wellbeing.
Jordan Crop

Jordan Hum

M.Sc PT, B.Kin

Jordan graduated with a Master of Physical Therapy from Brunel University London after receiving a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia.

Jordan has experience working with a diverse population from orthopedics, stroke, and high-level hockey and power lifting athletes. With extensive experience in applied biomechanics, injury management, and rehabilitation, his goal is to provide insight on how we can use exercise to best bridge the gap between rehab and training to help achieve each client's goals. Understanding that movement does not take place in isolation is a fundamental principle that Jordan’s systematic approach is built upon.

Jordan’s goal is to help educate clients how exercise and movement can be utilized to meet everyone’s goals, lifestyle, and needs.

Growing up, Jordan participated in competitive ice hockey and lacrosse and has since transitioned his focus to the weight room and golf course.


Juan Jaramillo

B.Sc Kin

Juan received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University (SFU). Being a competitive triathlete, he has had his fair share of experience recovering from running-related injuries. Racing at a high level requires training at high volume which allowed him to hone his skills with regards to injury prevention and enhancing performance in endurance sport. Prior to his time at Kin Lab, Juan worked and volunteered at various clinics working with a wide range of clients of varying goals and abilities. Primarily, he worked with patients recovering from injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents both in-clinic and with hydrotherapy (pool-based active rehab). Additionally, he worked with the TSS Rovers, a semi-pro soccer league, providing on-field assistance through athletic/K-taping, soft tissue release, first aid, and sport-related injury rehabilitation. Originally from Colombia, Juan is fluent in Spanish as well. When Juan is not out on his bike, swimming laps in the pool, or running around the trails in North Van you will most likely find him out on the water either kitesurfing or paddleboarding.

Lavpreet Brar

B.Sc Kin

Lavpreet received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in active health and rehabilitation at Simon Fraser University (SFU). During his time at SFU, Lavpreet volunteered as an athletic trainer for a middle school in New Westminister, where he was responsible for completing objective examinations of injured limbs/joints and performing different tape jobs. Additionally, Lavpreet completed the cooperative education program at SFU, allowing him to work as a biomechanical footwear assessor, a personal trainer, and a student kinesiologist in a clinic in Surrey. As a biomechanical footwear assessor, Lavpreet helped clients determine the ideal shoe based on their injuries or daily activities. As a personal trainer, Lavpreet taught clients free-weight and machine-based exercises to help improve their strength and cardiovascular endurance. Lavpreet works alongside physiotherapists and massage therapists as a kinesiologist to teach patients rehabilitation-specific exercises.

After SFU, Lavpreet has completed several continuing education courses such as active soft tissue release, advanced exercise prescription, clinical orthopedic assessment, selective functional movement assessment and more. Lavpreet will draw on his knowledge and experience obtained from SFU, co-op placements, and continuing education courses to help his patients achieve their health and fitness goals and recover from injuries using an evidence-based and active approach. Therefore, Lavpreet will try to educate his clients and safely progress their exercises, ensuring they play an active role in their active health and rehabilitation journey and receive the most up-to-date care possible.

Outside work, Lavpreet enjoys learning new cues for exercises, learning new assessments, taking new rehabilitation-specific courses, training in the gym, and spending time with his family and his labrador, Leo.


Miguel Suarez

M.Kin, B.Kin, CSCS

Miguel has over 7 years of Kinesiology and Strength and Conditioning (S&C) coaching experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from UBC and is a certified NSCA CSCS coach and BCAK Registered Kinesiologist. Most recently, he worked with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Academy & Development Squad teams. He helped high-potential players reach the professional level of play by developing their physical capacity and coordinating return from injury protocols. Prior to this, Miguel was part of the UBC Varsity S&C team. He worked with a variety of CIS teams throughout their offseason, preseason, and in-season preparations as a student coach and graduate assistant. In addition, Miguel finished an 8-month Kinesiology internship at Allan McGavin Sports Med clinic and has been involved with the VCH SteadyFeet fall and balance prevention program. He has worked as a Kinesiologist and Trainer for Loaded Athletics, Studeo Vancouver, and Vancouver Parks Board, helping individuals of all ages, skill levels, and injury types achieve their health, rehab, and wellness goals. Miguel participated in competitive basketball throughout his early 20s and is currently an avid cyclist, runner, and swimmer. He’s passionate about sports, pain science, active rehab, and high-performance training.

Munir Wahedi

B.Sc Kin

Munir made his start as a youth basketball program coordinator/coach before switching his focus to rehabilitation and working with UofS Men’s soccer team for several years as a trainer.

Munir completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology undergrad at U of S, Saskatchewan. He is a Registered Kinesiologist with BCAK and is certified in Functional Movement Screen 1. He strongly believes in the importance of designing personalized rehab programs concentrated on the client's specific injuries and goals. He enjoys expanding his practical skills and knowledge by constantly learning new methods and techniques to further benefit his clients.

Munir is inspired by all the strong women in his family and his grandfather. His role models keep him motivated to continue his family values by helping the people of his community and continuing to inspire the youth.Growing up being active and involved in community sports led to physical awareness as well as injuries. Munir knows the road to rehab or recovering from a physical injury can be challenging. His exposure to preventive/ active rehab is what led him to become a Kinesiologist.

In his spare time, he loves all things sports, food, and podcasts. He is a dedicated Vancouver Whitecaps supporter and loves to watch their games and cannot wait to return to the stands.


Natalia Montemayor

B.Kin, Min.Psyc, ACE-CPT

Natalia is a Kinesiologist that uses corrective exercise and functional movement as the primary method of rehabilitation. Her holistic approach aids people in improving their quality of life by motivating them to pursue an active lifestyle. She encourages clients to utilize the movements and techniques she teaches in their everyday life to maintain fitness and prevent injury.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at UBC, Natalia began working as a personal trainer creating custom programs that allow her clients to safely reach their fitness goals in a positive environment. On top of personal training, Natalia is passionate about active rehabilitation for patients recovering from injury. She has experience working in physiotherapy clinics helping her clients recover from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and more. She will work with you one-on-one to correct any dysfunctions that may be hindering your progress and create an exercise plan that will allow you to get back to the activities you love - pain and injury-free. In addition, Natalia has extensive experience working with people with disabilities stemming from spinal cord injury or Multiple Sclerosis.

In her personal life, Natalia has always had an interest in fitness. Her sport of choice is sailing which has led her to compete all over the world in the Laser Radial discipline. One of her most memorable accomplishments was qualifying to compete in the Pan-American Games. She then moved from competing to coaching and now loves sailing for fun in her spare time. Natalia also finds time to go camping and surfing on Vancouver Island whenever she has the chance. She enjoys the outdoors and can be found hiking the mountains on the North Shore with her dog. She is bilingual being fluent in both English and Spanish.


Natalie Chang


Natalie graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. During her education, she completed a co-operative education placement at a clinic, where she demonstrated various exercises to patients and performed laser therapy.

After graduating, Natalie worked at a medical exercise clinic where she led group exercise classes for people with chronic medical conditions. After working there, she learned how to easily modify exercises for individuals based on their medical history and fitness level. She found this experience very rewarding and helped prepare her for a career as a Kinesiologist. Natalie believes that regular exercise is not only important for the rehabilitation of injuries but prevention as well. She also believes it's important to practice what she preaches. Natalie has been weight training for 6 years and has worked as a Personal Trainer for 2 years. She has trained a variety of clients from ages 18 to 65.

Natalie values continuous education and is always learning something new from fitness podcasts, colleagues, or research articles. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and eating at different restaurants.


Nina Bernhardt

B. Kin

Nina graduated with her Bachelor's of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. During her time as a student, she worked as a group fitness instructor for the elderly and/or those with chronic illnesses as well as volunteering at the Varsity Gym to support student-athletes in reaching their performance goals.

Since graduating she has worked as a personal trainer and worked with clients to address their mobility issues, pain, and general health or fitness goals. Working with a broad range of individuals in the past, Nina is equipped to treat clients of various ages and exercise backgrounds with different goals. Nina's number one goal is to help clients move pain-free and enjoy both functional movement and performance training.

In her free time, she loves to be outdoors. She enjoys skiing, soccer, yoga, and lifting weights. Since moving to Vancouver from Germany she has also picked up ski touring and competitive dinghy sailing.


Rachel Cho


Rachel received her Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She has over 10 years of experience in Track and Field coaching and competing, personal training, sports performance, and Kinesiology. Rachel competed in NCAA Division II Track and Field for South Florida as a distance runner. Due to several significant injuries and medical burnout, her athletic career was cut short. During her rehabilitation journey, she learned the importance of exercise programming, treatment planning, and wellness management. This experience led her to find her passion for physical rehabilitation and she strives to share her knowledge and skills to help individuals get back to the things they love.

Rachel believes that Kinesiologists are the critical final step in getting you back on your feet because they solidify the progress made from other allied health professionals using exercise prescription. As a Kinesiologist, her ultimate goal is to foster a newfound appreciation and confidence for movement, mind, and body through consistent and mindful practice.

In her spare time, Rachel loves researching the next great restaurant to experience, Olympic weightlifting, cooking, making jokes that reference "The Office," and going on long walks with her partner.


Vincent Huang

B.Sc Kin, NASM

Vincent graduated from Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in active health and rehabilitation. During his undergrad, Vincent has had clinical experience teaching corrective exercises to patients with musculoskeletal injuries focusing on evidence-informed clinical decision-making under physiotherapist/chiropractor supervision. Vincent also worked as a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) where he prioritized corrective exercises within his client's training programs. His experiences working with different client populations has taught him the benefits of exercise therapy where improving mobility, strength and maintaining structural integrity are integral to injury management.

Vincent had always been involved in sports and athletics. One of his main pursuits being Taekwondo, and holds a second-degree black belt. After overcoming his own serious injuries namely, hip impingement and partial rotator cuff tear, his rehab experiences solidified his commitment towards helping individuals manage their injuries and regain functional capacity needed for daily living and working.

In his free time, Vincent enjoys lifting weights, reading and summiting scenic mountains in the summer.


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