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A kinesiologist is a type of therapist who uses motion analysis to help people with physical, mental, and emotional health problems. A typical kinesiologist may work with patients on issues related to sleep and stress, or they may specialize in rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. While a kinesiologist will typically use physical tests and measurements to evaluate a patient’s condition, they will also be able to help them identify underlying issues that are causing the problem. This can be especially helpful for people who are experiencing chronic pain or other symptoms of illness. There are many benefits to working with a kinesiologist, including the ability to customize treatment plans for each individual, as well as the potential for faster recovery times. Here are some ways on how the best kinesiologist puts your life on track:

Assessing movement quality

One of the most important aspects of kinesiology is the ability to assess the quality of a patient’s movement. This can be especially helpful for people who have not suffered a recent injury, but who are experiencing chronic pain or other symptoms of illness. By assessing a person’s posture, joint alignment, and muscle tension, a Vancouver kinesiologist can identify issues that are creating problems for the patient, such as muscle imbalances, joint misalignment, or misused joints. We can then correct these issues to improve a person’s posture and ability to move freely, as well as reduce or eliminate the source of pain.

Helping with chronic pain and illness

Health issues and injuries that cause a person to experience chronic pain can be difficult to treat. This can be especially true for people whose pain is rooted in mental or emotional issues, such as anxiety or depression, or for those who have tried many different treatments without success. A kinesiologist can help people address both the physical and mental components of chronic pain by improving their posture, reducing muscle tension, and improving their ability to move freely. We can also help people identify and overcome the root cause of their pain and anxiety, which can be especially helpful for long-term health.

Helping with physical rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is a crucial part of recovering from injuries such as surgeries, joint replacements, or other conditions that limit a person’s ability to move freely. A kinesiologist can help individuals with physical rehabilitation by addressing the root cause of a person’s pain and adjusting their therapy exercises to account for their individual issues. This can help people reduce their pain and recover more quickly, while also reducing the risk of re-injuring themselves.

Helping with mental and emotional health issues

The best Vancouver kinesiologists use motion analysis to help patients track their progress. The ability to quantify progress can be especially helpful for people who experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression since these conditions often cause people to feel as though they are getting worse even when their symptoms improve. We can help a person track their progress by measuring and recording their ability to perform simple exercises, such as lifting their arms above their heads. Additionally, we can help people identify underlying issues related to their mental health that are creating problems for them, such as muscle tension or joint misalignment. This can help a person overcome their symptoms more quickly, as well as prevent future issues from developing.


Overall, kinesiology is a helpful treatment option for many people. A Vancouver kinesiologist can help people with physical, mental, and emotional health issues, as well as with physical rehabilitation. We can help you overcome your symptoms more quickly and reduce your risk of re-injury.

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