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Plantiga – AI Health Monitoring

Plantiga is a wearable sensor insole and analytics platform that looks to help empower practitioners in obtaining objective health measures. We have had the pleasure to have Nick and Lauren from Plantiga to come present and demo Plantiga’s movement analysis technology and how it can be incorporated to improve an individual’s health and performance. Plantiga uses a 6-axis IMU that is time synced and strategically placed under each foot, where movement measures are recorded and can be extracted for analysis onto a web app for daily tracking and progress measure. Plantiga allows practitioners to establish baselines for rehabilitation and performance, guide treatment with objective measures, and screening for lower body deficits and asymmetries. Plantiga assesses movements including walking, running, and jumping to create a profile of objective variables that can be used to enhance and guide an individual’s exercise treatment program. For example, during a gait or jump assessment, we are able to see which leg an individual may favor more, and not which leg, but also a percentage of difference that highlights the amount of imbalance present. These aspects allow practitioners to be able to create an accurate assessment that is beneficial in improving an individual’s overall wellness, rehabilitation, and performance. We look forward to collaborating with Plantiga and using their technology in our upcoming sprint clinics.

Summary written by Calvin Vu


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