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What is a kinesiologist? A kinesiologist is someone who specializes in the study of human movement. They are often trained in anatomy, physiology, and neurology to help them better understand how the body moves. When you have an injury, it can be hard to know what to do with yourself when you are not able-bodied or even just out of shape. This blog post will outline why hiring Vancouver kinesiologists for your recovery process is important!

  • A Vancouver kinesiologist helps you return to your regular life as soon as possible.
  • Kinesiology will start with a full assessment of all injuries and abilities, which includes a detailed history of symptoms, physical examination and functional movement assessments. This ensures that the best course of action for recovery is taken into consideration before beginning any type of treatment or training program; this can be especially important if there are multiple factors involved in your injury process! Treatment might include modalities such as soft tissue massage (massage), joint mobilization/manipulation (chiropractic care), acupuncture/dry needling, strengthening exercises (exercise physiologist), manual therapy techniques like myofascial release (masseuse), Vancouver kinesiology or Vancouver physiotherapy.
  • Vancouver kinesiologists have the most up to date knowledge about how your injury might progress in order to help you stay safe and on schedule for recovery! This can be especially important if, like many athletes, you want to get back into work as soon as possible because of financial stress. With a Vancouver physio there is no pressure: they will take their time with each step so that you do not injure yourself further before fully recovering from an initial injury – this could mean months instead of weeks!
  • Vancouver physical therapists are also able to prescribe exercises and stretches that may speed up your recovery process without causing more harm than good (like it often does when you try to do these things at home). Vancouver kinesiologists can also make a specific plan for what time of activities or exercises you should be doing in order to get back into your normal routine the fastest!
  • Vancouver physical therapists will help guide any training program with clear objectives and goals, making sure that there is always progress being made towards recovery. This might include getting weight bearing exercise, balance & proprioception work in as soon as possible.
  • Vancouver physiotherapy helps ensure that you are not wasting time by going too fast!
  • Vancouver physical therapists have access to lots of modalities such as electrical stimulation (electrotherapy), ultrasound/laser therapy (radiology) & hot packs to help you recover.

If you’re injured and need help, our kinesiologists and physiotherapists are standing by! Contact Kin Lab’s kinesiologists today.

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