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Do you know what kinesiologists do? If not, don’t worry – we’re here to help. A kinesiologist is a health care professional who helps people improve and maintain their physical well-being through the use of body movement and exercise. The kinesiologist can also be referred to as a kinesiologist or physiotherapist. These professionals work with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations to identify ways in which they can prevent injury or illness by promoting healthy lifestyles that include regular exercise and good nutrition habits.

Kinesiologists use a wide range of techniques to achieve their goals, including kinesiology taping. In order to provide the best treatment possible, kinesiologists work in teams with other health care professionals such as registered nurses and physicians when appropriate.

A Kinesiologist Gets You Moving Again

If you’re looking for a kinesiologist, look no further than Kin Lab. We have been caring for people in the Metro Vancouver area since 2019 and are dedicated to helping our patients lead healthier lives through exercise routines that are safe and effective.

Kinesiology taping is just one of many techniques available at Kin Lab; we also offer manual therapy which includes hands-on soft tissue work as well as specific exercises targeted towards improving strength, coordination, balance and mobility. Our kinesiologist provide a number of other services including ergonomic assessments – both on site or remotely via phone/email/video conferencing technology – nutritional counselling & education, health coaching & lifestyle management programs; injury prevention strategies such as strength training and kinesiology taping; kinesiology treatments such as dry needling, acupuncture, strain counterstrain & myofascial release.

A Kinesiologist Helps Chronic Pain Patients

If you suffer from chronic pain, kinesiology taping can help. A kinesiologist will apply this specialized form of kinesiology tape to the affected areas which helps reduce swelling and increase circulation while preventing further damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments in these regions. Studies show that kinesiologists are effective at reducing symptoms associated with a number of health conditions including arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain/injuries/spasms, shoulder injuries & more.

A Kinesiologist Can Help You Stay Active

Are regular physical activity and exercise part of your everyday routine? If not – why not? Far too many individuals let fear keep them away from activities they enjoy like skiing or cycling because their body isn’t moving the way it used to. Kinesiology can help you get your body moving again and maintain a healthy weight through exercise routines that not only build lean muscle mass but also promote cardiovascular health.

A kinesiologist has helped countless people in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey & Coquitlam overcome their fears of getting back into shape by ensuring they have access to effective, personalized fitness programs specifically designed for them based on their individual needs & abilities – no matter what those may be!

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